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There's a 6-figure coach inside of you. Think like her and you will become her.
Change Your Thinking
Change Your Actions
Change Your Life
There's a 6-figure coach inside of you. Think like her and you will become her.
Change Your Thinking
Change Your Actions
Change Your Life
I'm Rebecca Barnheart
I've been where you are right now.

I had no idea I could actually create the business and money I wanted.

I doubted my abilities.

I had a horrible money mindset.

I had never created a business before, much less a business that made 6-figures.

I would have settled for 30k/yr back then!

There were so many reasons I could never make 6-figures...

I grew up being homeschooled, in a low-income family...

I was afraid to talk to people...

I was shy and super self-conscious...

Who was I to become a 6-figure coach?

Yet, now here I am...

Now, I have the freedom to work whenever I want.

Now, I have impacted thousands of lives with my work.

Now, I have created hundreds of thousands of dollars as a coach - I have private clients who have paid me $100k+ each!

Now, I'm working towards a million per year.

If I could do it - YOU can, too.

But what did I do?

How did I go from where I was to where I am now?
I started thinking like the 6-figure version of myself...
And I began shedding the stories that held me back from all I could be.

And I took action.

And I created results.

Over and over again.
Now, I'm teaching you the same process that will change your life, too.
It's time to think like the 6-figure version of you, so you can become her.
Welcome to Think Like a 6-Figure Coach. In Rebecca Barnheart's exclusive 6-Figure mindset coaching program, you'll get the tools and support you need to shift your thinking and become the 6-figure version of you, so you can create the 6-figure coaching business you want and change your life in the process.
Here's what's waiting for you inside:

At Your Own Pace On-Demand Course

Think Like a 6-Figure Coach Course

You'll gain instant access to the video course that gives you everything you need to begin making instant shifts in up-leveling your mindset and shedding the stories holding you back from becoming the 6-figure coach you are meant to be.


Lesson 1: 6-Figure You


Lesson 2: The Powerful Tool for Creating Breakthroughs


Lesson 3: Shedding the Stories


Lesson 4: Embodying the 6-Figure You

Think Like a 6-Figure Coach Call

 Mindset Coaching Call Every Week

You'll gain access to the weekly coaching call where you can get direct coaching on your mindset and experience instant and lasting breakthroughs for your journey to 6-figures and beyond. The calls are at different times every week, so you can always find one that fits your schedule to join live. Every call is recorded and placed in your member's portal. So, if you miss a call, you can catch the replay anytime, on your schedule.

Think Like a 6-Figure Coach Daily Practice

 Daily Thought Journal 

You'll gain instant access to the Think Like a 6-Figure Coach Daily Thought Journal that you can print, and use every single day to do your own self-coaching and create breakthroughs in your business.

If you're wanting to start a coaching business of your own, get Rebecca's help! I went from spinning my wheels to finally getting things done and so can you.

Michelle Smiley, Interpretive Coach

Start living from the future you - today, so you can become her.
Fill out the form below, and I look forward to welcoming you inside.
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If you find that this is not the best program to help you shed the limiting beliefs holding you back from becoming the 6-figure coach you know you can be, let us know by contacting within 7 days of your purchase and gain a full refund.

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Questions & Answers about
Think Like a 6-Figure Coach™️

Is this program for me?

This program is for you if you are a coach/expert or want to be a coach/expert. You can be making $0 in your business or $1M in your business and wanting to grow it even more. Wherever you're at, if you desire more - this program is for you.

When I sign up, how soon can I begin?

When you sign up, you will have instant access to the entire program and will retain access for as long as you'd like to stay a member. You can cancel easily at anytime.

How long is this program / What is the time commitment?

This program is a monthly membership. There is a call every week you can join live and watch coaching or get coached, or watch the replay on your schedule. The daily work takes about 15-20 minutes each day and transforms the way you think about yourself, your business, and will drive the actions you do to create the 6-figure coaching business you want. Daily work is optional. Do it to the level you want breakthroughs to happen.

When are the coaching calls?
The coaching calls are at various times of the day each week and throughout the month. You can catch all replays at your convenience on YOUR schedule. Come to one or all of the calls or replays and get coached or simply watch others get coached and experience your own breakthroughs.
Will this work for me if I'm just starting my business - or haven't even started it yet?
Yes. 100%. If having a coaching business is something that you desire to do in this lifetime, but you haven't yet done so, then there's a reason why. There is a story you're telling yourself that is keeping you stuck where you are right now. Through this program, you will see what is causing this and be able to move through it so you step into creating the coaching business you want.
Is this program for me if I've had some success in my business already?
Yes. This program will help you go to your next level.
Do I need to be certified to have a coaching business?
Coaching us an unregulated industry which means no certification is needed to begin helping people. I created hundreds of thousands of dollars before ever being certified. Having a certification is simply an additional tool in your toolbox that you're able to use to help your clients. It does not need to be a hinderance to creating the business and life you want.
Can I join later?
At the current moment, this program is open for a limited time to founding members. I do not know when I'll be reopening it next. The very best time to join, is right now and experience it for your one week risk-free money-back guarantee test drive so you can see how it can transform your business and move you into action by transforming your mind.
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“Rebecca Barnheart is literally what has made all the difference in the success of my business and I don't know what I would do without her."

Tiffany Bastian, Accountant & Tax Pro Course Creator / Coach for Photographers

I can't wait to help you remove everything that's holding you back from 6-figures...

I'm Rebecca Barnheart, professional certified coach and business strategist, and my online business has truly transformed my entire life.

It has been the one tool that has not only allowed me to help thousands of women but has personally grown me in more ways than I ever thought possible... 

If I did it... you most certainly can too. 

6-figures is yours for the taking...

If you're a coach or want to be a coach and have the dream to create freedom in your life and make a significant difference in people's lives at the same time - you owe it to yourself and all the people you are meant to help, to take the next step forward in making your dreams your reality. 

You CAN create the business you've always wanted. Consistent 6-figures and time freedom can be yours and it will be life-changing for you and your family when you create it. I know it, because I am living it. I look forward to welcoming you inside the program.

Life is short and your dreams are worth it,

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